Newborn soothing techniques

So it’s that time again, where we the country is at home and my newborn photography business has to close down.

The good news is that if you have had a new baby then you wont have the stress of a million visitors and you can chill with your new baby at home and enjoy getting to know them! 

If you have a newborn session booked with me then I promise as soon as I can open again you will be invited in for your session and we will get GORGEOUS photos of your baby, no matter how old they are at that point!
I wanted to do this post, because one of the most common pieces of feedback I get from first time parents after a session, is how helpful he soothing techniques I showed them were in their day to day parenting life. You can’t come in for your session now, but instead of you missing out, I have put tother this video to help you out. You might know some of it already, but I hope you can get at least one useful tip out of it that will make the next few months easier!

Here are the links to my recommendations:

Velcro swaddle – click here

Baby shusher – click here

Vibrating rocker – the Rockit I recommend in the video is currently unavailable but this is a great alternative

Coronavirus safety measures

You can see my home studio and hear me talking about a lot of my safety measures here

In my previous career, I managed large scale outdoor events for over 15 years and was constantly managing risks and I believe this helps me be a better and safer newborn photographer today. It’s important to highlight that Coronavirus is one of many risks I manage as a newborn photographer, my risk assessment has lots of risks that have been identified, but what is important is what we can do to minimise them, and after we have put measures in place to do this, how high is the risk. 

Before you looking at ways to manage any risk, it’s important to understand what the risk is and how it can impact the activity you are undertaking. We all know that there is a lot of information, lots of it unclear, conflicting or changing that relates to Coronavirus. This means I have had to really think about what information is important to me and my clients and ensure I am using credible news sources to monitor the situation.

What we do know is that Coronavirus is a low risk to under 9’s, which means during a newborn session it is the adults who are the most risk to each other. Having said that, your newborn is still vulnerable and it’s crucial safety measures are taken to protect them from germs and viruses, including Coronavirus.

Each day I check the BBC website and look at the 7 boroughs that surround my studio https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274. I keep a spreadsheet of the daily confirmed cases so I can see the complete picture not just since the start of the pandemic, but day by day, and I’m able to compare this to previous weeks or months. Recently it was revealed the data that was being published didn’t include “community” cases, which means anyone who tested positive outside of a hospital, this was very frustrating to here, however I am relieved this has now been rectified and the numbers are correct. According to data, there needs to be closer monitor and concern when the local cases are over 45 per 100k of the population. In Tower Hamlets in the last week (4-12 July) there were 10 per 100k population, if this number starts going over 45 then I will be raising with future bookings that there could be a local lockdown and we might need to delay the session. 

Precautions I have introduced during my sessions include: 

Parents must postpone the session for any of the following reason:
– You have displayed any of the Coronavirus symptoms (new persistent cough, high temperature, loss of taste and smell, aches, tight chest) in the past 7 days
– You believe you have come into contact with anyone who has then become symptomatic within 14 days of the session
– Adults attending session to take their temperature in the morning of the session and postpone if either has a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher
The following regulations will need be adhered to during your session:
– Only 2 adults to attend session
– Car seats, shoes, prams and coats to be left at the door of the studio
– When entering the studio adults will wash their hands and sanitise often
– Adults to wear a face covering at all times apart from during photos
– Adults to stay 2 meters away from the photographer during the session, with the exceptions of passing the baby and taking photos.
– If you become symptomatic, or become aware of being in contact with anyone who has become symptomatic within 7 days of the session you must notify Elizabeth May Photography to they can suspend sessions until it is safe.
Elizabeth May Photography will be taking the following precautions:
– All hard surfaces in the studio will be cleaned with cleaner containing bleach before and after session
– All soft furnishings will be covered with fabric coverings that will be washed before and after each session
– All fabrics used with the baby will be washed before and after every session
– Any props or fabrics that can’t be washed will be sanitised and rotated so that they are safe to use, this may mean your colour preferences are not available, however EM Photography will endeavour to minimise this impact
– The photographer will wear a mask for the session, wash hands and sanitise before and during the session
– If the photographer has come into contact with anyone who is symptomatic, or starts to display symptoms then you will be notified and your session will be postponed.

Once all of the above are implemented, the risk to everyone in the session is minimal. 

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Hello world!

Choosing your newborn photographer

Choosing a newborn Photographer

Newborn photography takes place in the first 14 days of your new baby’s life – that is not something to be taken lightly!

When choosing your photographer it’s not only important that they have the style that you are looking for, but it’s also vital you ensure your baby is going to be safe. Anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a newborn photographer!

Good, safe, photography equipment, training and the correct insurance and environment for a newborn session is expensive. So if you are spending less than £300 on your session then the correct equipment or experience may not be present, which is why the session is ‘cheap’.

To give you an idea of the costs for newborn photography I’ve listed the main things below, this is by no way an exhaustive list but starts to give you an idea! This is without any time spent planning, delivering or editing your session, ordering your prints and running a business. so I hope you can see why newborn photography is in an investment when it’s done correctly!

Remember you also pay for experience, results and the service you receive.

Having several years experience focussing mainly on newborns also means that I am confident at getting your baby into a deep sleep for some, if not most of the session. It can take a lot of experience to understand not just how to ensure your baby is comfortable and calm for the session, but also to ensure there is still a good outcome if your baby doesn’t go into a deep sleep immediately. Some babies are naturally more alert and harder to get to sleep, some babies are touchy and easily woken whereas some will sleep the whole session. The more experience the photographer has with newborn photography, the better your results will be.

I go with the flow of your baby and ensure that we maximise the whole session, if your baby is awake then I will get photos of their gorgeous eyes, I will keep them calm and continue the session using my experience to get the baby back to sleep. I will also not rush you or them, if the session takes 4 hours then that is ok with me, as long as you, your baby and me are all relaxed and calm then this is much more important than the time!

Because I offer you photo packages, this means that my results have to be the best they can be. If you don’t like the photos then you will not buy them, so this process not only makes me work harder at being a better photographer, but it also carries less risk for you as you are not left with 20 poor/average digital images for £200. Don’t forget, in the age of digital photos we think more is better, but in reality 15 absolutely amazing photos of your baby is worth so much more than 50 that aren’t great!

A lot of people also look specifically for a photographer who offers just digital images, not realising that this often means the photographer doesn’t understand how the images they are giving you will even look when they are printed. It might not be until 6 months later when you go to get them printed that you realise they are in the wrong format, or they are not true to colour or too dark/light as the photographer’s screen wasn’t set to match the printing process, .  Most professional photographers, will only offer you packages that include prints, and many people think this is just a way for us to make money, but it isn’t! The reality is I would make way more money if I didn’t sell prints, it takes time, puts people off booking and the margins I make on prints are tiny.

The main reasons professional photographers want to provide you with prints are:

1) We know how to make the print look how it was intended, high street printers are low quality and images can be compromised and end up on your wall or in your album not looking as they are meant to.

2) We want you to have images you will treasure, not just jpgs you rarely look at and could lose. How many photos have you got sitting on hard drives/CD’s/old phones that you have lost or never look at?! Most of my clients have just had a baby, and with the best of intentions, most people will not get around to ever printing the photos they get on a memory stick.

The prints I provide are the highest quality, on paper you will not get on the high street and your images look stunning!

So when choosing your photographer –

-Make sure they have training and experience; both for newborn posing and safety as well as technical photography training. If it’s not on their website then ask them about who they trained with, they might have only watched online courses and practised with a few friends children so this is really important.

– Make sure they have insurance and a risk assessment – ask for evidence of this if you want to be sure

– Ask to see the results from a full session so you can ensure you will be getting a good variety of images (websites and instagram usually show you one or two images from the session)

– Don’t assume that digital only is the best option! 

The newborn photography industry is not regulated, if you see any kind of logos on a photographers website relating to newborn photography, they are membership associations i.e. the photographer is paying a monthly fee to use the logo, but they do not need to have any qualifications or meet any minimum standard to join.

I hope this information is useful when selecting your photographer, if you want to discuss anything further please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here is list of just some of the expenses of a newborn photographer…


  • Photography training i.e. lighting, photoshop £thousands!
  • Specific newborn training £800 £1000 per year
  • First aid training

Photography and editing equipment

  • Camera £2500
  • Lens £600
  • Flash light and trigger £220
  • Light stand and softbox £170
  • Photoshop licence £120 a year
  • iMac for editing £3000
  • Wacom tablet for editing £65
  • Newborn wraps, outfits, headbands, bonnets and hats (all handmade) £hundreds! 
  • Safe newborn props £20 – £150 each
  • Real sheep furs £75 each
  • Photography backdrops and floors (one floor £130)
  • Light meter £220

Business costs

  • Photo prints
  • Insurance
  • Advertising
  • Income tax
  • leaflets



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